We might be in the business of property, but we know that what makes a space a place is when people come together to share, create and grow.

You spend nearly half of your waking hours commuting to, being at, or simply doing work. So, we believe that your workplace should be designed for your wellbeing as much as productivity and your bottom line.

A place that takes away the stress of operations. A place that inspires you. A place that connects you. A place that gives you flexibility and options. A place that frees you to concentrate on what’s important.

We’re passionate about enabling people to thrive in their daily workplaces, wherever they may be. Ultimately, your business success is ours and our respect for what you do motivates us to keep looking forward, pioneering new and better ways to help your business succeed now and in the future.

We’re committed to investing in our property, our people, your people, your workspace and our service. We do what we say we will, and confidently deliver every time. In fact, we’re known for it.


ISPT’s Investors

ISPT is committed to working with their Investors to help them build their members’ retirement savings.


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